OOPS! Caught With My Khakis Down

Opi’s new shade “Caught With My Khaki’s Down” is a beautiful shade of an earthy green. While browsing through Sephora last week I stumbled across it and could fell in love. I also bought O.P.I’s Silver Shatter thinking it would look good over the green. I was wrong, it was too dark for me and the beautiful green didn’t shine through as much as I hoped. Instead I opted for leaving my nails green and covering my ring finger nail in craft glitter. The silver glitter compliments the green, but since its only on one finger it just the right amount of glamour.



Tuesday How To: Side Swept French Braid

This hairstyle screams summertime, and its perfect for any occasion. Since learning how to do it, I’ve worn it to work, out to dinner, near the pool, and to the gym! Similar styles have been seen on Taylor Swift (my inspiration to learn this braid) and it works with any hair texture or style! Below you’ll find the video tutorial, good luck and be sure to let me know how it comes out!

Vacation Bound!





I’m currently in flight to my 13 day vacation! My family and I (yes all 8 of us) are embarking on back to back Disney Cruises, and then a 3 night stay at the Hard Rock in Orlando. I’m beyond excited to kick back and RELAX. This will be my 5th and 6th cruise, I’ve been on 3 Disney Cruises and 1 Carnival.I believe (as does my family) that a cruise is the best vacation.. first you get more bang for you buck since all the meals and entertainment are included, and you get a chance to visit different island, and enjoy relaxing days at sea.

As you may or may not know, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and even though I never received my letter on my 11th birthday (I’m convinced an owl lost it) I get to go to HOGWARTS at Universal Studios!!!! As if that isn’t great enough, I will be able to see the new theme park just days before the second installment of the movie, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is released into theaters. I figured what a better time to dust off the final book! I’m so excited to reread it and remember all the miniscule details I’ve forgotten about.

 Seatbelt signs have turned back on and were about to land soon! I’ll try and update you about my fabulous vacation if I have time between swimming, reading, and stuffing my face!! Enjoy your 4th of July Weekend!




Dear 16 Year Old Me

With summer officially here, it’s important everyone remembers sun safety. I know it’s easier said than done (especially those people with darker skin tones) buts its crucial to just lather on SOME degree of sun screen. It’s hard to imagine that just one bad sunburn can dramatically change your life, but that is reality with skin cancer. Skin cancer certainly isn’t blissful, but being healthy, and living a long life sure is. Take care of your skin.


Finally a Hair Dye I Can Rant And Rave About

I’ve been highlighting and dying my hair for years now. I love the results I get from salons but trips every few weeks there can get rather pricey. I use boxed dyes most of the time and I’ve always been relatively content with the way my hair turns out.. but unfortunately I have never been blown away with my results… until recently! I have found the perfect hair dye! John Frieda Precision Hair Colour. 

Their website clearly states that this hair dye is a “breakthrough for home hair colour” and I HONESTLY could not agree anymore. As summer approached I wanted to ditch my light brown hair color for a dark rich brown. The idea of tan skin and dark hair seemed ideal for me this summer since last summer I was much less than happy with my highlights.

I selected the shade Medium Natural Brown ( in my experience my hair tends to be a few shades darker than what is shown on the box) I bought two boxes expecting to need them both for my thick long locks. For the first time since I’ve begun dying my own hair I only needed one and had leftovers! The foam is non drip and any dye that someone managed to get on my skin was easily wiped away with Biore Face Wipes.



My results? A PERFECT(not to brag or anything) rich, natural shade of brown! I have found the answers to all my hair coloring prayers and could not be happier! Be sure to check out their website and read all about this new generation of hair coloring!



Here’s to saying EXACTLY what you want to say

“A photo says, you were happy, and I wanted to catch that. A photo says, you were so important to me that I put down everything else to come watch.”

Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper