I’ve been highlighting and dying my hair for years now. I love the results I get from salons but trips every few weeks there can get rather pricey. I use boxed dyes most of the time and I’ve always been relatively content with the way my hair turns out.. but unfortunately I have never been blown away with my results… until recently! I have found the perfect hair dye! John Frieda Precision Hair Colour. 

Their website clearly states that this hair dye is a “breakthrough for home hair colour” and I HONESTLY could not agree anymore. As summer approached I wanted to ditch my light brown hair color for a dark rich brown. The idea of tan skin and dark hair seemed ideal for me this summer since last summer I was much less than happy with my highlights.

I selected the shade Medium Natural Brown ( in my experience my hair tends to be a few shades darker than what is shown on the box) I bought two boxes expecting to need them both for my thick long locks. For the first time since I’ve begun dying my own hair I only needed one and had leftovers! The foam is non drip and any dye that someone managed to get on my skin was easily wiped away with Biore Face Wipes.



My results? A PERFECT(not to brag or anything) rich, natural shade of brown! I have found the answers to all my hair coloring prayers and could not be happier! Be sure to check out their website and read all about this new generation of hair coloring!