In my opinion there isn’t a better winter month. I mean by the time January or February roll around I feel like the average person has had more than enough. But December is in a whole different ball park. People are excited about snow, about wearing their new winter jackets, about scarves and furry hats and cuddling up next to a fire with some hot chocolate.

With all of that being said here are my 3 favorite things about December:

1) Dresses & Tights! I love holiday parties as much as the next girl. Free food alcohol pretty much seal the deal but I also LOVE the cute dresses that coincide with them. Sparkly dresses, velvety dresses, sweater dresses, the list could go on and on. My favorite dress of this season is the Black Solid Lace Dress from Free People ($98). Pair it with sheer tights and a pair of black heels for the perfect holiday outfit.

2) November 30th… This day above all excites me for December. First theres the infamous Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony. New Yorkers and tourists alike all gather in Rockefeller Plaza for the same reason… to see the most beautiful Christmas tree in the country come to life. November 30th is also home to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. I feel like I could stop right there-I mean what else needs to be said? You get the most stunning women in the world, strutting around in everything you want… their lingerie and bodies. (DUH)  I feel like a child watching toy commercials yelling to my mom “I WANT THAT! AND THAT! OHHH WOW AND I WANT THAT!” Except I’m 20 and I’m yelling to myself.

3) Ending things with a bang! This last reason gives you a reason to do exactly what you want-whatever that might be. It has some limitations so keep that in mind… but remember its the last month of 2010. You get the cliche “brand new  start” of 2011. So go out there, be the drunk obnoxious girl, or the girl who has 11 plates of dessert and refuses to go to the gym, or the girl who starts a blog. Whatever it might be just do it and don’t worry what everyone else thinks. Make yourself the happiest you can be for the last month of 2011